Digital Radiography:

  • 90% lower radiation exposure vs traditional film exposure.
  • Produces superior image quality, meeting ADA seal of acceptance.
  • Zoom, Contrast, and Colorization features making diagnosis easier and more precise.
  • Greater patient satisfaction and patient education
  • Better for the environment, since there are no harsh chemicals to handle or dispose.

One-Visit Crowns

  • Same day fabrication and cementation of crown
  • CEREC porcelain crowns
  • Multiple shade blocks

Intraoral Camera:

  • Integrates seamlessly with our digital radiography.
  • Focus-free optics and special LED light source ensures perfect, high quality pictures.
  • Within seconds we can show our patients any dental problem and explain it more clearly.

TV Monitors:

  • Visual interaction with patient: enlarged X-ray images, intraoral camera pictures, and treatment chart. Makes for easy visual explanation (s) of diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Watch your favorite shows in the comfort of a dental chair.


  • Our state-of-the-art Lisa MB 17 Water Steam Sterilizer delivers the highest standards of sterilization.

Water Purification System:

  • Internal water purification delivered to all treatment rooms.